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Aldon Purdham, Owner/Executive Director


Passion and Help

I’ve been very blessed to have wonderful parents and in-laws, who have been role models of selflessness and compassion throughout my life.  For this reason, it was so important that they received the best care when they became unable to care for themselves.   Such care provided them with a great quality of life and gave my wife and me added peace of mind knowing they were being well cared for.  I was so moved by the heartfelt assistance they received from caregivers that I started our Talem Home Care business to provide that very care to those in need.  As a retired US Air Force Colonel who spent 23 years serving my country alongside my fellow service men and women, I also have a strong passion for caring for our senior veterans.  Thus, Talem takes great pride in serving and caring for our veterans who spent much of their lifetime serving our country and its citizens.  For these combined reasons, our Talem caregivers strive each and every day to provide loving care to all seniors to make their lives as enjoyable as possible and bring comfort to family members knowing their loved ones are in good hands.

It’s with this sense of family that Talem Home Care seeks to care for others.  We know that caring for a family member involves not just the individual receiving care, but the entire family.  For this reason, we look forward to engaging with all family members to ensure that the recipient of the care and the loved ones of the recipient all have peace of mind through that process.  To achieve this, we’re dedicated to providing care that is tailored to each individual, which may involve aiding a senior who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia; assisting an individual with everyday personal needs in the home, such as preparing meals and getting dressed; completing household chores, running errands, and providing transportation; or taking the time to talk and provide companionship while helping with a hobby or watching tv.  It is through this combination of care that our caregivers seek to improve the quality of life of our clients and relieve loved ones of any concerns regarding care needs.

We will help to guide your family through the many options of care and financing the care.  We’ll then develop a tailored care plan and match the ideal caregiver to provide the specified care; and, if the time comes, we’ll assist your family in deciding on an optimal care community to transition to for full-time care.  If you or your family member is facing these decisions regarding care options, we would be honored and humbled to assist you through that process and provide that care with a servant’s heart.

Talem Home Care - Colorado Springs's Team

Aldon Purdham

Owner & Executive Director

During his 23 years of service in the US Air Force, Aldon led numerous organizations to greater success while achieving the rank of Colonel.  Then as a consultant with an international consulting firm, he advised national and defense organizations in overcoming their major challenges.  He later significantly improved a multi-state construction company’s operational efficiencies and employee culture as its COO.  While these may be viewed as diverse pursuits, they all reflect Aldon’s desire and passion to serve and positively impact others and their quality of life.  After witnessing the heartfelt care his mother, father, and mother-in-law received during the latter stages of their lives, Aldon started Talem Home Care & Placement Services in Colorado Springs.  He has been able to apply his passion for serving others along with his leadership experience to guide his Talem team in providing that same compassionate and personalized care to seniors, while bringing peace of mind to their loved ones.  Today, he continues his daily commitment to ensure Talem provides optimal care with a servant’s heart to seniors.  Aldon is blessed to have been married to his lovely wife, Lauralyn, for 27 years, and couldn’t be prouder of his four children, Jordan (25), Delaney (23), Lindsey (20), and Sydney (17), who also have a heart for helping others.  When he isn’t visiting, advising, or overseeing care for seniors, Aldon enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, and playing other sports, albeit a little slower than he did at one time.



In March of 2016, Shailene acquired her QMAP certification, leading her into the healthcare field. When she stepped foot into community care, she perceived those for whom she cared as her own family, voluntarily caring for her residents with love and respect as if they were her own grandma, grandpa, mom or dad. She spent two years learning the different aspects of community living. During that time, she learned how important it is for someone to be independent in their home for as long as possible as she witnessed the difficulty some of her residents encountered during their transition from home to community care.  She eventually was led to the senior in home care industry where she could help clients sustain that very independence.

That journey led her to Talem Home Care where she was greatly impacted caring for her first client, a 53-year old lady with Multiple Sclerosis.  Her compassion, dedication, and commitment resulted in her being promoted to the scheduler position.  In this capacity, she has scheduled thousands of shifts for over 100 clients and 200+ caregivers.  Her oversight has played a key role in ensuring optimal care has been provided to each and every client, often backfilling shifts herself.  She has been an integral part in the growth and success of Talem Home Care Colorado Springs.

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